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Make YouTube Thumbnails that Get Clicked

Youtube states that 90% of the best-performing videos have custom thumbnails. Create catchy, appealing thumbnails with VistaCreate to gain more likes and subscriptions to your channel.
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DIY YouTube Thumbnails That Look Professional

You don’t need to be a designer to create stunning thumbnails! VistaCreate offers a huge pack of tools and graphic objects to turn your creativity into real designs.
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Essential Toolbox for Your YouTube Thumbnails

You’ll knock out amazing designs in no time with VistaCreate’s YouTube thumbnail maker.

Start with a Template

Why start from scratch? Professional designers at VistaCreate have created over 50,000 great-looking templates to get you started.
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Add a Personal Touch

Personalize your YouTube thumbnail design by uploading any images and graphic elements you’d like to use.
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Edit Your Thumbnail

You can customize everything about your YouTube thumbnail including the text, fonts, backgrounds, and images.
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Repurpose Your Thumbnail

After you create a work of art with our online thumbnail maker, you can also resize it and reuse it in any popular format or with the custom dimensions you may need.
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Get fancy on YouTube

VistaCreate editor offers tons of objects so you can embellish your thumbnails with illustrations, stickers, icons, frames, and more.
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VistaCreate library of photos Plenty of Photos

VistaCreate has a large library of creative content to choose from. Get access to 1M+ photos, videos, and vectors and make amazing designs for your business needs.

fonts library screen Plenty of Fonts

You can choose from over 680 font styles or upload your own. VistaCreate supports English/Latin, Cyrillic, and Hebrew alphabets.

collection of font styles Design Objects

VistaCreate’s library of over 30,000 cool design objects opens you a world of unlimited creative opportunities.

Quick Tips for More Effective YouTube Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails encourage people to watch your videos. Consider the following tips when creating yours.

Set expectations
— Make your thumbnail a preview of what’s to come. Be true. Clickbait will backfire.
Choose great images
— Use a high-quality, vibrant image that looks great at any size and conveys key information about your video.
Write a great title
— Keep balance when it comes to titles. Give a guess what’s in the content but also leave come place for curiosity.
Choose fonts wisely
— If you add text on your thumbnail, be sure it’s easy to read. Try to use less types of fonts to avoid bulkiness.
Check your analytics
— YouTube Analytics will help reveal if your thumbnails and titles match expectations. Review how viewers behave once they start watching.

Over 40,000 Static Layouts

Use VistaCreate’s library of static templates to reveal your creativity and create compelling Youtube thumbnails.

Video guide on Youtube Thumbnail making

Make your own thumbnails for YouTube using VistaCreate and attract subscribers. This video will teach you how to create a thumbnail that will stand out among others.


How to transform design objects?

Objects tab in the menu on the left contains various elements for making your designs more individual. These are shapes, lines, borders, icons, etc. To add a new object to your design, please choose a suitable element on the left and click on it or drag it on the canvas. Use the Delete button in the editor or the Backspace button on your keyboard or just drag the object beyond the artboard to remove it. Note that illustrations and icons can have more than just one color, and such a feature lets you modify colors up to your needs provided that there are no more than 4 colors used.

What editing options are available in VistaCreate?

You can edit text — change fonts, text size, color, orientation, alignment, spacing. You can move objects between layers, flip, crop, copy, rotate, and change transparency. You can apply filters to images, add or remove objects and photos, as well as upload your own images and fonts to use in designs.

How do I apply a color mask/filter over a picture in VistaCreate?

Add a photo on the artboard. Apply the “Grayscale” effect and then set up the needed brightness and contrasts levels. Go to the "Objects" tab and add an object (for example, a blue square) and pull the object’s edges to fully cover the photo. Change the color of this object to whatever you like and set "Transparency" at whatever level pleases you, for example, 30%. And voilà!

50,000+ Premium Designs

With VistaCreate, anyone is a designer.

Fashion Ad Jumping Girl In Sunglasses
Guitar Tricks Ad Man Playing Guitar
Event Invitation White Chrysanthemums On Pink
Cosmetics Giveaway Offer With Young Girl In Cap
Cozy Home Interior In Minimalistic Style
Beauty Blog Ad With Woman Applying Brush
Manicure At Home Ad With Woman Holding Nail Polish
Pregnancy Vlog Promotion
Business Analysis Courses Woman Working On Report
Cocktails Recipes Bartender Holding Shaker
Fashion Ad Girl In Stylish Clothes In Pink
Training Plan Man On Treadmill Drawing
Wellness Program Ad Woman With Bottle And Mat
Running Tips Woman Running In City
Owner With Red Cute Cat
Weight Loss Program Girl Running In City
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