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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Use VistaCreate to design a CV that commands attention by showcasing your skills in style. Your resume is your personal introduction for hiring managers, and getting their attention isn’t easy. Introduce your skills and experience in a beautiful, professional style for an unforgettable impression.

Want to Make an Impression?

Design a printable resume online with VistaCreate in minutes. Our drag and drop features make it quick and easy. Use one of our templates and customize it with your information. Just click on the text blocks and personalize them.

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Stand Out with VistaCreate

Job hunting is hard. Competition is tough. Even when the unemployment level is low, a really great job position attracts a lot of applicants. To get a job, you need to make a powerful first impression. Do it with a polished CV design.

Choose a Template to Fit Your Style

With VistaCreate’s resume maker, start with one of our professional templates and create an interesting, memorable visual CV that makes employers want to learn more about you. Pick a template to suit your personal taste and the job you want to apply for. Add your information quickly and easily by clicking on each section and editing the text. If you like the look, you’re good to go in minutes! Or, you can take a little extra time and change fonts, resize, or move elements around.


No Design Experiences Necessary

Without experience, designing a stylish custom resume can seem a little intimidating. Don’t worry, our online tool makes it easy. Choose from hundreds of fonts in our library, or upload your favorite font to add your personal style. The most powerful way to get attention is with typography. Layout, font style, and decorative embellishments like dividers and bullets draw the eye and add to visual appeal.

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Make it Unique

Our drag and drop editor makes creating a custom design quick and easy. Add icons, images, or interactive features to make your digital resume more interesting.



A professional resume may mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over without a second look. Customize one of our professional layouts with your own font choices and personal information, then adjust text size or rearrange text blocks if you need to create more white space. Add or change the color of decorative elements or make your pop with a standout color. Click on any element to edit or move it.


Edit or Update, Any Time

Resumes change as you gain experience and build new skills. Come back at any time to update or customize your CV. Save your edited version in the format you need. PDF is most common to print or email to prospective employers. To share on social media or display on your personal web page, PNG is an excellent choice for sharp display and instant loading. You can also link directly from our tool, using embed text we’ll generate.


Tips on Making a Resume

Leave plenty of whitespaces. It may seem counterintuitive, but a clean, crisp resume with succinct information and plenty of white space is more scalable than the one crowded with too much information. Keep your writing tight and your descriptions succinct.
Put everything on a single page. Potential employers don’t need your history dating back to your middle school paper route. Keep it short by listing recent, the most relevant job experience in line with the position you’re applying for.
Explain experience gaps. If you have a block of time when you were unemployed, use the last section to add information if you used that time for something useful. “Worked as a volunteer for X Organization” or “Attended the University of Central Florida Coding Bootcamp” adds value to your experience. An unexplained hole does not.
Limit fonts. Too many font styles will make your creation look chaotic. Pick an impact style for your name, then a single, simple style for your other text sections.

How to Create a Professional Resume in 4 Easy Steps

Sign In

Create a free account with VistaCreate to save your work. You can always find your work on your profile and come back to update or edit CV as often as you need.

Pick a Template

Choose a design from one of our ready-made templates complete with fonts, layout, and elements, or start with a blank slate and build your own unique CV design.


Click the text boxes to edit your personal information, qualifications, and experience. Customize colors, add accents and elements, change the font, and rearrange the layout to suit your taste.

Download and Share

Save and download your CV in any format, then print, upload to a website, or link directly from the interface.

Video guide on resume making

Learn how to create the perfect resume with step by step instructions. Watch this tutorial and make your resume stand out with VistaCreate.


Do I need to download any software to use VistaCreate?

No, VistaCreate is an online tool. You can create it in minutes without downloading anything. Get started by choosing a layout or starting with a blank canvas, and save your finished product or download it to your device.

Can I add a personal touch, like a digital signature or a company logo?

Yes! It’s easy to upload any graphics to your personal library. Photos, illustrations, images, and logos. You can drag-and-drop them directly onto your design, then resize to fit, and position anywhere you like.

What’s the best way to save my resume?

For printing, we recommend saving in PDF format. However, if you want to post it online, you need to save it as a JPG or PNG, and you can also link directly to its location using an embed code we’ll generate.

Can I email or upload my resume?

Absolutely! PDF is the most-used format for online sharing to job sites and email responses. You also need to use the embed code VistaCreate generates to add your resume to a website, or email as a JPG or PNG.

Hundreds of Templates

Choose a style from hundreds of professionally designed templates. We’ve set the stage with professional layouts and typography.

Business Analyst in Banking industry professional profile
Professional copywriter skills and experience
Professional Lawyer skills and experience
Professional Lawyer profile and experience
Professional Attorney skills and experience in red
Marketing Manager professional profile
Professional Marketing Manager profile
Marketing Manager professional skills and experience
Software Engineer Professional Skills and Experience
Software Engineer professional profile
Professional Software Engineer skills and experience
Professional Software Engineer profile
Business Analyst professional skills and experience
Business Analyst professional profile
Practical Nurse in Blue
Registered Nurse skills and experience in Blue
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