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Make Infographics in VistaCreate to Present Info in Style

Stop writing stats in a boring old-fashioned way and then wonder that no one wants to read them! Create beautiful, engaging infographics in VistaCreate. You are free to pick one of our professionally-designed templates or create your own design from scratch.
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Design Infographics Effortlessly

With VistaCreate you can create your own infographics easily and quickly. We have all the necessary features and objects for anyone to make an awesome-looking infographic without prior design experience.
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Five Tools to Make Your Own Infographics in Minutes

Be creative and use all possibilities of VistaCreate to present formal or just interesting information like stats, facts, and dates in a stylish, more attractive way. Infographics is a powerful instrument for online and offline marketing.

Professional Infographic Templates

Choose one of our pre-designed infographic templates and customize it however you want. Our designers created all major types of infographics including list, timeline, process, map, comparison, and others.
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Animate Your Infographics

Make a gorgeous chart or a list with our infographic builder. Each element is customizable, so you can apply animated effects to text blocks or images and emphasize the parts that need the most attention.
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Play with Fonts

Minimalist or maximalist, we’ve got you covered. You can choose from over 680 fonts in our collection to make your infographic look trendy and point out the key messages with a crucial dynamic.
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Embellish with Design Objects

VistaCreate has thousands of design objects in a built-in library to make your creative process as quick and easy as possible. Videos, illustrations, shapes, graphic elements, stickers, icons, backgrounds, animations.

Upload Your Own Content

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our library, no one stops you from uploading your own content. Upload your own fonts and images, customize the dimensions of your own illustrations to perfectly fit the canvas, and play with colors to make this design uniquely yours.

Tips to Make a Beautiful Infographics

Less is more
You don’t need to write three pages of text to explain an important fact. Infographics is all about being a minimalist. The less you write – the easier it will be for the reader to perceive this information.
Turn words into numbers
Every phrase that can be explained with the number should be explained with the number. Replace words with quarters and percents to have a less-cluttered but still very valuable infographic.
Emphasize important details
For a more readable infographic, accentuate the key elements like headings, badges, and numbers. This will help the reader to intuitively understand what is the most important thing to remember.
Have fun
Let’s not forget that infographics usually contains quite boring but valuable information. It’s up to you to leave it as raw as the report states or to make it funnier with the help of a little joke here and there. Search interesting facts to support your raw data.

How to Make an Infographics

Choose format

We have many design formats in VistaCreate, so pick the one that fits your needs and start designing. Choose the “infographic” format or enter custom dimensions and proceed with editing.

Pick a template

You can notice there are many templates on the left panel of the VistaCreate artboard. Pick the one that you like the most to start personalizing it. You can use the search bar or choose a specific category to narrow down the options.

Customize design

Edit, scale, and recolor design elements on the artboard, including shapes, illustrations, icons, fonts, etc to achieve the result that suits your mood or requirement.

Download or share

Once your infographics is ready, download the design or share it on social media directly from the VistaCreate interface.

Video guide on infographic making

We've prepared a short video guide for the process of creating infographics using VistaCreate. Learn how to make a trendy infographic in just a few simple steps.


How do I resize my design?

Resizing your design is super-easy. While on the artboard, find the Resize button on the upper right corner. Then pick the size you need and after your design is resized, move objects around to place them neatly according to the new dimensions.

What if I can’t find a template that fits my needs?

No worries! Just create a design from scratch. Pick the format so that VistaCreate opens an artboard with the canvas of the needed size. Then, browse our media library on the left side of the screen to find the background, pictures, and design objects for your design or upload your own. Place objects on the artboard and tweak with the help of the tools on the upper subheader.

How do I add accents or umlauts to my text?

To add special symbols to your text, click on the text block, then click on the A button on the left side of the subheader to see all text editing options. Find the Special Symbols button and choose the ones you need from a drop-down list.

How do I work with design objects in VistaCreate?

Objects tab in the menu on the left contains various elements for making your designs more individual. These are shapes, lines, borders, icons, etc. To add a new object to your design, just choose a suitable element on the left and click on it or drag it on the canvas. Use the Delete button in the editor or the Backspace button on your keyboard or just drag the object beyond the artboard to remove it. Note that illustrations and icons can have more than just one color, and such a feature lets you modify colors up to your needs provided that there are no more than 4 colors used.

Thousands of Design Templates

Customize the templates we have in our media library or just get inspired and go create your own stunning designs.

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