Background Remover For Free – Remove Background From Any Image

Remove Background from Any Image

With VistaCreate`s new feature, you can remove the background from images in just a few seconds. There is no need to waste your time doing it manually. Try VistaCreate`s background removal feature and give a new look to your visuals.

remove image background

Top Ideas on How to Use the Background Remover

Erase the background from your images quickly and easily with VistaCreate. Use your imagination to experiment with your own idea of a picture. Make the background transparent or delete it in seconds. Add shapes or fill different backgrounds to create extraordinary images.

What Is Interesting about the VistaCreate Removal Feature

The background removal feature enables you to feel free editing photos and creating new designs. Turns out, it’s easier than ever to clear backgrounds from images. The automatic remover feature is VistaCreate’s magic wand in erasing unwanted sections from your images.

Get great result with low effort
Save time by not having to watch long tutorials on how to use complicated editing programs and tools. With VistaCreate, you can easily remove the background from any image in a few simple steps. Just upload your picture to the online editor, select the background removal feature, and you’re done.
Make background transparent
The eraser tool can not only delete backgrounds, but also make them transparent. Apply this feature and use the isolated objects for any purposes and occasions. Create winning marketing materials or develop your own gift card design.
Highlight the important parts
The background removal feature provides you with the ability to highlight the subject of a photo. To make the subject stand out, delete the background from the image, and continue editing the photo. You can even animate the subject while leaving the background static. After you finish editing, restore the untouched section of the image. The results should be amazing.
Embrace your creativity
Explore millions of ideas in VistaCreate`s media library. Try different backgrounds from ready-made patterns to photos and choose the best one for your pic. Make a lasting impression with your images.

How to Remove the Background from a Picture

Select an image

Select what image you want to edit. Upload your own or choose one from our library.

Apply the tool

Click on the top panel of your toolbar. Select "Remove Background" and get your picture edited.

Choose a desired background

Choose a new background from the patterns and photos provided by VistaCreate or upload your own image. Make it transparent if needed.

Save your image

After your design is ready, select the desired format and download your image. Select PNG to keep your background transparent, or use JPG if it’s a solid color.


How does the tool work?

It is based on neural networks. The algorithm analyzes a picture, determines the primary and secondary objects, and then cuts the image respectively.

Can I remove white background from an image?

Yes, it is possible. Upload your image and use the eraser tool. Save the received picture as a PNG to convert the white background, making it transparent.

How do I make the background transparent?

Upload your image to the editor and use background removal. Then, click on the Download button and select the PNG-transparent option. Done!

Can I edit the image after cleaning up the background?

Yes, you can. You can use any editing tools that VistaCreate has to offer. Change the opacity, add different objects and texts, animate your image, and create a design you’ll love.

Can I restore my background after removing it?

Yes. If you want to restore your image`s original background, just click “Undo Removal” on the top panel at any editing stage.

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