Build Your Own Brand Kit In A Few Clicks — Create A Consistent Brand Identity With VistaCreate

Brand your content with VistaCreate brand kit

Make designs that fit your brand style. Add your brand palette, fonts, and logo to the editor, and build your own brand kit with VistaCreate. Match your company style to your visuals and develop a strong brand identity. Create professional on-brand content easily with the VistaCreate design kit.

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Significant benefits of VistaCreate brand kit

With VistaCreate, you can build your complete design kit in a few clicks. Save your brand assets in the editor and keep your content consistent with your brand identity book. Enjoy the easiest way to create on-brand visuals with VistaCreate’s design generator.

Several tips on branding the content

The brand identity includes the elements that make a company recognizable and distinguish it from the competitors. That`s why building a brand book is an important stage in developing a company image. Check out some tips on how to easily create content consistent with your brand`s style.

Create branded templates
You may need a lot of branded content that is used regularly. So it would be better to prepare several templates with your brand`s attributes. Build your brand kit in the VistaCreate editor, choose the design formats you need, and create ready-to-use layouts for your visuals.
Set the strict requirements for logo usage
Define some rules of using your logo in the designs. Should it be always produced in the brand colors? Are there other variations of your logo? Create your logo in various sizes and formats for different channels (web, printed, etc.) and add it to your brand kit.
Save examples of your branded content
Collect your on-brand visuals to show the proper and improper implementation of your brand identity in designs. Get inspired with the best examples of your branded content and easily create new ideas for incredible on-brand designs.
Bring a brand message through the content
Make sure the content conveys your brand message. When thinking about a new design, keep in mind that it should be aligned with your brand`s visual identity. Benefit from your own brand kit in VistaCreate, making cohesive on-brand content online easily and quickly.

How to build your brand kit in VistaCreate

Create a VistaCreate account

Create your VistaCreate account and confirm your email. Keep all your graphics in one place and autosave your designs.

Upload the visual elements

Easily upload your logos and fonts to the brand kit. If you don’t have your text style yet, choose the perfect typeface from our collection of 680+ fonts.

Add your color palettes

Select your brand’s colors and set them in the color palette. Add the palette to your brand kit and make all designs in your unified brand’s style.

Create on-brand content

Now you have all brand’s visual attributes in your brand kit. Start creating branded content easily and effortlessly with VistaCreate.

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What is a brand book?

The brand book is a set of rules that define what your brand is about, what its main goals and values are. These guidelines help properly represent your brand in both internal and external communications. With a brand identity book, you develop a specific attitude to your brand along with the brand image.

What is the difference between a brand book and a brand kit?

What should a design kit include?

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